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STZ cooperate is founded by three rising designers, presents their collection characterized by spiritual meaning and the symbolic of graphic. The printing contents different cultures, religion, beliefs and their own thoughts in other to create new designs using unusual ways leading to uniqueness and individuality.

STZ cooperate是由三位設計師創立的品牌,打造出包含不同的文化,宗教,信仰和自己想法的不同原素作為創作靈感來源,用獨特的方式和風格,以創造出新的設計。

STZ cooperate是由三位设计师创立的品牌,打造出包含不同的文化,宗教,信仰和自己想法的不同原素作为创作灵感来源,用独特的方式和风格,以创造出新的设计。

stz cooperate

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"M.Y.O.B" began in 2009, designing Jewelry in Japan and came to NY to show our work in the same year. our individual designs, have attracted the attention of varied clothing brand designers, as well as the attention of photographers of fashion, and even many stylists. Some of our stuff has even been used in some of they're fashion shows!!. WE are a Kickass Team of tough as nails girls from JAPAN so check out our designs, you will love them, we figured if they are hot in Japan, why wouldnt they be hot here? our accessories deserve your attention NY, so hit us up!

強烈的POP ART視覺效果,充滿獨特而豐富的色彩和圖型組合,是來自紐約的新銳飾品品牌M.Y.O.B(Mind Your Own Business),由兩位日本女孩COMI & TANAMI 一手創立的耀眼品牌!

在日本、美國已經熱爆的M.Y.O.B ,她們的創作令人過目難忘!也吸引了許多服裝品牌設計師,以及時尚攝影師的注意,甚至有不少設計師將他們的作品用於一些時裝秀!


强烈的POP ART视觉效果,充满独特而丰富的色彩和图型组合,是来自纽约的新锐饰品品牌MYOB(Mind Your Own Business),由两位日本女孩COMI & TANAMI 一手创立的耀眼品牌!

在日本、美国已经热爆的MYOB ,她们的创作令人过目难忘!也吸引了许多服装品牌设计师,以及时尚摄影师的注意,甚至有不少设计师将他们的作品用于一些时装秀!


Aloha From Deer

“Aloha from Deer” was a discovery of colors and eye-catching patterns. A brand that doen’t focuses much on shpes (in fact the models are mostly sweatshirts, beanies, varsity jackets and leggings), but on patterns and original graphics, baroque-looking and funny.

在數碼印刷大行其道的波蘭裡,有無數間大大小小的這類自家品牌。 而這間ALOHA FROM DEER,最能散發出東歐獨有的優雅風尚。 他們的作品刻意利用冷色調的東歐境致,形做出東歐地區的冰冷氣氛。 也會選用一些東歐的神話題材,令他們的衣服帶有不少神秘感。

在現今的世代, 天堂,海浪, 花卉, 又能帶給你什麼的感覺? 似近又遠....不禁令人感慨....但卻仍然憧憬........你們又會有怎樣的感覺呢?

在数码印刷大行其道的波兰里,有无数间大大小小的这类自家品牌。 而这间ALOHA从鹿,最能散发出东欧独有的优雅风尚。 他们的作品刻意利用冷色调的东欧境致,形做出东欧地区的冰冷气氛。 也会选用一些东欧的神话题材,令他们的衣服带有不少神秘感。


Mr. Gugu & Miss. Go

Mr. Gugu is a European brand that has a unique background. It is based on a genuine conviction that the way we dress ourselves really matters for the future of our continent. We like to assist any person who decides to look better than before. We want people of Europe to look fresh, brave, original, and self-confident.

來自的波蘭的Mr. Gugu & Miss Go 以新鮮, 接近原始的風格,搭配上高解析度的數位印刷技術,給大家帶來了一種富有玩味色彩的新時尚。大家都對單調的衣服厭倦了嗎? 來一件Mr. Gugu & Miss Go, 來打破舊時代對衣服的定義嗎!

来自的波兰的Mr. Gugu & Miss Go 以新鲜, 接近原始的风格,搭配上高解析度的数位印刷技术,给大家带来了一种富有玩味色彩的新时尚。大家都对单调的衣服厌倦了吗? 来一件Mr. Gugu & Miss Go, 来打破旧时代对衣服的定义吗!


Poland SUGARPILLS designed to give you a whole new perspective and interpretation.

The design of SUGARPILLS some rich religious art elements with the the on rebel sentence as brand main. They are full of religious portrait attachment in white, pink, black, blue-black color rendering, creating a psychedelic feeling great sense of visual impact, has a holy power and the temptations of sin.





Alice takes a trip

Back in 2006 two sisters created the independant fashion label Alice takes a trip. With dresses inspired by Victorian dolls, fairy tales & myths to tees and sweats that add an edgy stamp to current trends. Alice takes a trip is now stocked in shops & boutiques worldwide. Take a trip to the darker side of wonderland...

All our clothing is produced or hand finished locally in the UK, making Alice takes a trip that extra bit special.

在英國由兩姐妹創立的時尚獨立品牌Alice Takes A Trip。她們的服裝靈感都來自於維多利亞娃娃、童話和神話故事為主題。突出人性的善與惡!其實陰暗面並不可怕,就讓我們一起啟航夢遊仙境之旅...

我們所有的服裝製作或手工在英國本地出產,使得"Alice takes a trip"如此特別不同.

在英国由两姐妹创立的时尚独立品牌Alice Takes A Trip。她们的服装灵感都来自于维多利亚娃娃、童话和神话故事为主题。突出人性的善与恶!其实阴暗面并不可怕,就让我们一起启航梦游仙境之旅...

我们所有的服装制作或手工在英国本地出產,使得"Alice takes a trip"如此特别不同.

W.I.A Collections

W.I.A is particularly special comparing to other hit brands. Being designed and produced with base in Spain, W.I.A has been sold all round the world. Recently, W.I.A is extremely hot in Asia and are loyally followed by celebrities of vogue, driving crazy all fad fans.

W.I.A's very special and avant-garde digital style design is hand printed full sheet each piece, and is limited in quantity for each design. It is unmatchably eyeball catching when put on.





Jade Clark

A England brand new fashion designer Jade Clark. Her work has been featured in Vice Magazine, worn on TV by Rita Ora.

Jade Clark’s going to leave you dripping in sheer pastel metallics and some funny graphics. Hailing from England, she is a one lady show, designing and making all pieces herself.

Jade Clark set the greys of London alight with her clothing. She stating she aimed to make clothes more sexy, and damn did she succeed!

來自英格蘭,作品被RITA ORA一穿流行,新進時裝設計師 Jade Clark 展現她對圖像概念的美感,顛覆你對倫敦時裝的刻板印象,絕對令你驚艷!

她所主理的時裝系列都離不開大量的溶解,金屬色,全息圖和一些圖形原素。令人期待的是,當你穿上 Jade Clark 時裝,能讓眾人對你的目光無所遁形!

来自英格兰,作品被RITA ORA一穿流行,新进时装设计师Jade Clark 展现她对图像概念的美感,颠覆你对伦敦时装的刻板印象,绝对令你惊艳!

她所主理的时装系列都离不开大量的溶解,金属色,全息图和一些图形原素。令人期待的是,当你穿上Jade Clark 时装,能让众人对你的目光无所遁形!

Ivory Jar

Ivory Jar, a designer brand name from British underground culture, recently has become a hot name on the street. Psychedelic dark religious themes are getting popular, Has used vintage denim jacket to remake, quite a heavy touch, not comparable by common fashion. Mysterious and jittery atmosphere has fully injected into the simple design, carries uniqueness while easy for matching...

來自英國的地下文化設計師品牌 Ivory Jar.

近來成為了街頭熱門品牌! 迷幻的黑暗宗教主題正在流行, 外套使用了vintage denim 外套改制而成, 質感相當濃厚, 不是尋常的服裝可比.

既神祕又不安的氣氛, 滿滿地容入簡約的服裝上, 帶有獨特性, 容易配襯.

来自英国的地下文化设计师品牌Ivory Jar.

近来成为了街头热门品牌! 迷幻的黑暗宗教主题正在流行, 外套使用了vintage denim 外套改制而成, 质感相当浓厚, 不是寻常的服装可比.

既神秘又不安的气氛, 满满地容入简约的服装上, 带有独特性, 容易配衬.


Every design success starts from zero; a concept always begins from scratch. Fumble extracts elements of different cultures around the world and applies these elements in creating designs that come with extraordinary features and touch. Fumble provides products that are comfortably cut for slim fit with simple while outstanding designs. It is a brand name that promotes creative while harmony living style and gives surprise in different moments.

Fumble設計概念是探索, 由零到成功, 成功都必須經過探索這個階段。探索世界各地的文化特色, 再經Fumble集結於成的產品。Fumble提供各種滿有風味的設計。並在簡約而突破的構思中配以舒適而修身的剪裁設定, 令眾人在意想不到的情況下推出不同的產品。創新及生活品味共融的衣著品牌。

Fumble设计概念是探索, 由零到成功, 成功都必须经过探索这个阶段。探索世界各地的文化特色, 再经Fumble集结于成的产品。 Fumble提供各种满有风味的设计。并在简约而突破的构思中配以舒适而修身的剪裁设定, 令众人在意想不到的情况下推出不同的产品。创新及生活品味共融的衣着品牌。


What do you think?!

B‧BE‧BEE is a follower of Love! We Love Street and Chic Style, We DO what the people they DON'T!

We are not a "Fashion Abuser"; We do our design for everyone who really admired on our passions. No Complicated, Simple-mind, always Fashion but Never Over and No Duplicated.

Be Faith, Be True and Be Honest! We are the Accessories lover!!

B.BE.BEE 是一群熱愛街頭潮流,素有自我風格的街頭文化組織,



B.BE.BEE 是一群热爱街头潮流,素有自我风格的街头文化组织,





IES Project

The IES Project is an initiative in the field of both economic enterprise and social activity. It concerns the lifestyle issues, in particular the way we present ourselves to the eyes of our non-European friends and visitors. On the basis of our reflection we create a special new brand of clothing.

IES Project 由一班活躍於歐洲的及熱愛歐洲文化的團體所設立,他們所設計的服飾帶有基督教主題及保留了歐洲的古老傳統的一個全新服裝品牌。
他們透過 IES Project 推廣歐洲文化藝術,把基督教主題及圖像制作成衣飾,十分生活化,更是大受歡迎。

IES Project 由一班活跃于欧洲的及热爱欧洲文化的团体所设立,他们所设计的服饰带有基督教主题及保留了欧洲的古老传统的一个全新服装品牌。
他们透过IES Project 推广欧洲文化艺术,把基督教主题及图像制作成衣饰,十分生活化,更是大受欢迎。


Antidoto28 is an artistic project created in 2007 by the Argentinian designer, Carlos D. Canillas, who lives in Barcelona since 2002. Their activities are based on fashion, graphic design and music. Antidoto28´s philosophy is about unique handmade items and limited editions. They perform the hole creative process, from the idea and design to the production and selling. Their aesthetic criteria is based not only in fashion tendencies but also in lifestyle tendencies, since they think everything is linked.

來自西班牙的街頭品牌 antídoto28,是一支根據時裝,平面設計和音樂創建的一個藝術項目。antídoto28的所有服飾都是由設計師們手工製作,而且他們獨特的手工制作需時所以產量較少。他們在當地Barcelona都薄有名氣,在經營時裝的同時,也舉行音樂節目和藝術活動,為品牌結合了音樂、藝術等元素。

来自西班牙的街头品牌antídoto28,是一支根据时装,平面设计和音乐创建的一个艺术项目。 antídoto28的所有服饰都是由设计师们手工制作,而且他们独特的手工制作需时所以产量较少。他们在当地Barcelona都薄有名气,在经营时装的同时,也举行音乐节目和艺术活动,为品牌结合了音乐、艺术等元素。


The meaning of Brand MANRIMANI is (Me Is Me).
Their designs merge elements on the street to present peculiar characteristics of a true myself, to present the ego of dressing. Their works usually make use of multiple kinds of different materials,material of each piece of apparel is the role, the boundary of usage of material is broken. Highlighting the ideology of {No impossible, but no courage}, encourage everybody to find one's own paradise, one's self personality that is different from the others.

MANRIMANI 的意思是(Me Is Me)我是我的自我風格。

MANRIMANI 的意思是(Me Is Me)我是我的自我风格。

Dare To Dream

Dream, an understand word with significant meaning charmed us. And so began, Dare to Dream. Inspired by the word 'Dream', as well as countless tales from family and friends of the extraordinary experiences in life they've been part of, we began dreaming up something new.

Our offering speaks to both everyday occassions and not-so-everyday occassions, we want to help a lady to create and discover her style that reflects her own unique perspective...We want to give the lady that edit she's been searching for - with mix-and-match tops and bottoms along with unexpected details.

But it goes beyond dresses, t-shirts, pants...etc. Our goal, and the reason we creatively use dye and wash techniques, stitch, drape, is to build the confidence where she can dare to find inspiration to share with those around her and to guide herself following her dream...








LA PSYCHE it's a Polish fashion brand - based on women's knitwear clothes. Products that are created in limited quantities with manual finishing are for people who want's to buy something unusual. In our offer You will find everything which girls needs sweatshirts, varisty jackets, shorts, t-shirts with remarkable graphics./p>

You simply feel special wearing LA PSYCHE thst's because You re special!

LA PSYCHE 是來自波蘭的年輕新興的女裝品牌,設計師Lucy,善長做出可愛甜美又不失型格的歐洲風格服飾,為女性打造出新鮮面孔以及女性味十足的一面。

LA PSYCHE 的風格真的是迷倒我了,絕對適合每一位女生像夢幻般迷人。

LA PSYCHE 是来自波兰的年轻新兴的女装品牌,设计师Lucy,善长做出可爱甜美又不失型格的欧洲风格服饰,为女性打造出新鲜面孔以及女性味十足的一面。

LA PSYCHE 的风格真的是迷倒我了,绝对适合每一位女生像梦幻般迷人。


NO ATTACK is a new European brand created from the scratch by a group of independent young designers from Poland. We look for our inspiration in past civilizations like that of Ancient Egypt with her mysterious symbols left on the desert. We are also impressed by those currents in present-day culture that make for the change in our common attitude towards life goals and values.

NO ATTACK 是一個由一群波蘭新進設計師所原創設立的潮流品牌。他們的設計以黑白為主,從古埃及文化遺留在沙漠中的神秘符號獲取靈感。亦從現代文明中每天我們對生命目標及價值的改變中得到啟發。

NO ATTACK 是一个由一群波兰新进设计师所原创设立的潮流品牌。他们的设计以黑白为主,从古埃及文化遗留在沙漠中的神秘符号获取灵感。亦从现代文明中每天我们对生命目标及价值的改变中得到启发。

STZ Cooperate

STZ cooperate is founded by three rising designers, presents their collection characterized by spiritual meaning and the symbolic of graphic. The printing contents different cultures, religion, beliefs and their own thoughts in other to create new designs using unusual ways leading to uniqueness and individuality.

STZ cooperate是由三位設計師創立的品牌,打造出包含不同的文化,宗教,信仰和自己想法的不同原素作為創作靈感來源,用獨特的方式和風格,以創造出新的設計。

STZ cooperate是由三位设计师创立的品牌,打造出包含不同的文化,宗教,信仰和自己想法的不同原素作为创作灵感来源,用独特的方式和风格,以创造出新的设计。

T.E.I.N Clothing

Designed by European designer Martin Dee, T.E.I.N Clothing is a brand making use of seeming intact yet not intact painting effect as design element, employing bold and bright colour combinations to produce a chaos effect. Although it seems to be rather weird from popular brands, it is still very eye catching in fashion field.

來自歐洲的設計師Martin Dee一手創立品牌T.E.I.N Clothing。品牌給人的感覺眼花瞭亂而且色彩極其鮮豔大膽,利用似完整卻不完整的印花效果,作為設計原素。雖然相比大路的時裝潮流還是比較另類,但是在時尚族群裡可是相當注目哦!


Window Bag


WINDOW BAG 由WINDOW BAG設計團隊設計,品牌2011年成立於臺北
WINDOW BAG 以行動櫥窗為概念,使用全新材質呈現完美狀態...

WINDOW BAG由WINDOW袋设计团队设计,品牌2011年成立于台北
WINDOW BAG以行动橱窗为概念,使用全新材质呈现完美状态......


Io. is a fashion brand and a creative consultant – strongly based on womenswear design. Products that are created in limited quantities with fine materials and finishing. Io. is here to offer pieces to fashionistas who having enough of the fast-fashion world; sometime enough is enough.

Expect the Unexpected from ONE of many Central Saint Martins Womenswear Graduates.

木衛一 是一個時尚品牌及創意顧問 – 主力於女裝設計。產品著重於優質物料和手工;而且產品數量有限。木衛一 希望在這裡為一眾 受不了太多速食時裝文化的時尚達人提供一些不一樣的產品; 有時候有些東西是要適可而止的。

期待 一位中央聖馬丁藝術與設計學院女裝班畢業生 為您帶來一些意想不到的事。

木卫一是一个时尚品牌及创意顾问– 主力于女装设计。产品着重于优质物料和手工;而且产品数量有限。木卫一希望在这里为一众受不了太多速食时装文化的时尚达人提供一些不一样的产品; 有时候有些东西是要适可而止的。



My Circus is a fashion accessories collection, it allows you to once again have fun and joy like a child subtly within a grown up content. Products are specially designed and made for stylish young professionals to brighten up your day. It is also a great gift for you to bring a little surprise to your love ones. Each piece in this collection has a little hidden trick, create a unique experience to an ordinary day.
All items are original design, carefully made with quality leather and brass , gives you a quality of living. They are statement pieces of your playful identity..

My Circus 是一個來自英國的設計師品牌 Gracitale 的時尚飾物系列。它讓你從成長中巧妙地重拾童真趣緻,為特別的你照亮每一天。它亦是一件小禮物給你至愛一個驚喜。

My Circus 是一个来自英国的设计师品牌Gracitale 的时尚饰物系列。它让你从成长中巧妙地重拾童真趣致,为特别的你照亮每一天。它亦是一件小礼物给你至爱一个惊喜。


Salute is an independent designer in Hong Kong, serving everybody for almost a year since 2013, and has evolved gradually under your comments and suggestions from a street fashion to high end street fashion. We endeavor to offer more styles and better quality to everybody in future so that you will always remember Salute!

香港獨立設計師品牌salute,從2013年創辦,將近一年多的時間,一直在為大家服務,由street fashion慢慢演變成high end street fashion,在大家的意見和各種評論中成長出來,我們希望在未來會為你們帶來更多好的質量和更多好的搭配,讓大家記得我們salute.

来自美国费城的THE CXX ,我相信不用多做介绍了,梅杜莎短Tee已成经典! 最新一年的设计都是以几何图形堆砌而成,每件衫都是透过复杂的数学比例运算,才能完美组合,风格带有浓郁的未来科技感,看似简单,其实蕴藏深意,兼具了趣味和知性。


THE CXX, coming from Philadelphia USA, I think it does not even need any further introduction. Medusa short Tee is already a classic. The newest designs for this year are assemblies of geometric objects. Each Tee is a perfect creation by complicated mathematical computation of various proportions. The style carries heavy sense of tomorrow technology, looks simple, but something inside, both interesting and sensational.

來自美國費城的THE CXX ,我相信不用多做介紹了,梅杜莎短Tee已成經典! 最新一年的設計都是以幾何圖形堆砌而成,每件衫都是透過複雜的數學比例運算,才能完美組合,風格帶有濃郁的未來科技感,看似簡單,其實蘊藏深意,兼具了趣味和知性。

來自美國費城的THE CXX ,我相信不用多做介紹了,梅杜莎短Tee已成經典! 最新一年的設計都是以幾何圖形堆砌而成,每件衫都是透過複雜的數學比例運算,才能完美組合,風格帶有濃郁的未來科技感,看似簡單,其實蘊藏深意,兼具了趣味和知性。

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