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Catch Design is a design company that focus on designing fashionable, simple and unique time pieces and fashion items. We Aim to created unique, innovative product that inspired by every little things in daily life. Catch Design already owned and registered two local brands in Hong Kong, Catch and UNI.

Catch Design是一家專注於設計時尚,簡單,獨特的腕錶和時尚產品的設計公司。目標是創造獨特和創新的產品,創作靈感來自日常生活中的每一樣小事。Catch Design已經擁有並註冊了兩個香港本土品牌,CATCH和UNI。

Catch Design是一家专注于设计时尚,简单,独特的腕表和时尚产品的设计公司。目标是创造独特和创新的产品,创作灵感来自日常生活中的每一样小事。 Catch Design已经拥有并注册了两个香港本土品牌,CATCH和UN。

Catch Design

Uni thin collection "SEMICOLON" life planning - Inspire

$385.00 HKD

Function of semicolon is to separate two closely related independent clauses, also be used in place of commas to separate items in a list, particularly when the elements of that list contain commas.

In this project, the semicolon represents "Rest", but not finish. If you are facing any difficulties or pain, you can vent your sadness by crying or something. Do not force yourself too tight.

Relax is for another brand new start, don't easily put a full stop on your life.

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Case material: Alloy

Case diameter: 42.70 mm * 57.00 mm

Strap material: leather

Strap width: 20 mm

Strap Color: Black

Movement: Japanese quartz movement

Water depth: Shower Proof

Weight: 40g

In stock - shipping within 48 hours
Pre order - waiting time for around 1 to 2 months

有現貨 - 48小時內出貨
預購 - 等待時間約1〜2個月內

有现货- 48小时内出货
预购- 等待时间约1〜2个月内


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